Where Rainbows Meet.



3-year extension of long-term partnership with Where Rainbows Meet.


Lind Foundation will continue to partner with Where Rainbows Meet for another three years. Where Rainbows Meet is a non-profit training and development organisation located in Vrygrond, one of Cape Town’s slum areas, running several programmes to help and support both children, youth, and adults.

In Lind Foundation, it is our ambition to drive lasting change and we do not believe in one-offs. Lind Foundation is borne from more than 10 years of social efforts at Lind Invest, where Where Rainbows Meet was an existing partnership supported since 2013. For us, a partnership holds potential, when there is a clear path to sustainable long-term effects and improved lives – and Where Rainbows Meet has proved it is possible to make a significant impact and difference in the local community in Vrygrond.

Approximate 8.2 million (40%) of South Africa’s young people aged 15 to 34 are not in employment, education or training of any sort. Especially young people are at high risk of becoming involved in criminal activities, because of drugs and alcohol abuse, and high criminality in the community. Where Rainbows Meet’s Youth Development Programmes is established with the purpose of keeping these young people away from the streets by showing them alternative paths and encouraging them to begin in school or find a job. The In School Programmes ensures regular schooling and fewer dropouts, furthering education and creating better job opportunities.

The children in the community are nurtured in a Day and Aftercare Centre and prepared for formal schooling, while parents are offered basic skills in parenthood and development training, leading to enrollment in education for the children and employment opportunities as well as financial and social wellbeing for the parents. As part of developing skills, men and women are offered training within e.g. the Computer Training Programme or Sewing and Beading Programme, helping the participants to get a job or become independent.

During 2020-2021, Where Rainbows Meet was affected by lockdown because of Covid-19, limiting many of their programmes. To help where help was needed most, the organisation adapted their offerings and allocated resources to their Nutritional Programme and distributing approx. 9 mio. meals to avoid widespread famine in the community.

The extension of the partnership with Where Rainbows Meet supports one of Lind Foundation’s key focus areas Sustainable Livelihoods, where focus is to empower people to self-lead, and develop life skills that are both economically and socially sustainable.

Where Rainbows Meet’s holistic support helps empower education and reduce unemployment, abuse, violence and other social ills and instead presents people with alternative opportunities to better their lives, bringing hope and uplifting the community.

Read more about Where Rainbows Meet here: http://www.whererainbowsmeet.org/



  • Donation: DKK 525,000
  • Commitment period: 3 years
  • Supported since: 2013
  • SROI ratio: 11.5
  • Focus area: Sustainable Livelihoods