How we work.

Social impact must be measured.

For us, social impact goes beyond good intentions. We employ a data-driven approach and convert social impact into monetary and societal value because that is what creates tangible and positive results for the organisations, entrepreneurs, and people we partner with. We explore, test, and prove how to create the social impact we want to see.

We are proving new ways forward.

Our impact measurement is based on the social return on investment method. This method places a monetary value on social impact and voluntary work by comparing the investments made in a social context with the value created for the involved stakeholders. We compile SROI reports on every project we support and do frequent measurements to determine the impact of our initiatives and efforts. 

Philanthropic hearts, business-driven minds.

Making social impact should be meaningful — and measurable. We employ a data-driven mindset to all our donations by setting clear goals and conducting frequent measurements. That way, we ensure a consistent level of ambition and ultimately lasting social effects. Read more about our results and approach in our white paper on social return on investment.

Download white paper:

Our focus areas:


We motivate the importance of education and ensure enrolment in education to develop essential skills and knowledge that will last for a lifetime.


We work to boost readiness for the job market and self-employment and help connect long-term unemployed employees with employers.

Mental health.

We support projects that improve people’s mental well-being and quality of life, giving everyone the opportunity to lead their own change regardless of differences.


We create access to affordable housing and help establish a liable and supportive network to improve people’s living conditions and increase opportunity in Denmark.

Sustainable livelihoods.

We provide access to self-help groups and empower people to self-lead and develop life skills that are both economically and socially sustainable.

Our criteria:

01: Clearly defined and documentable intervention.

The social change you are creating must be clearly scoped and able to be measured for effect documentation.

02: Organisational strength.

Your organisation should be well-established and experienced, have a proven track record of change, and be financially sustainable.

03: Impact measurement.

Your organisation must be able to provide data for us to compile an evaluation of the social return on investment (SROI) of the support and involvement.

04: Lasting changes in living conditions.

Lasting changes must occur, and you must facilitate improved living conditions over one-off effects.

We engage as active partners.

A project holds potential when there is a clear path to sustainable long-term effects and improved lives. We are there in the long run if the results and vision are continuously present. To drive peoples positive social change, we need to make initiatives that do not just treat social symptoms but redefine root causes and provide new, empowering tools.