About us.

Everyone has potential.

Realising human potential is the greatest driver of prosperity for individuals, organisations, and societies. While limited by conditions or resources, restricted by contexts or means, everyone has dreams and potential to release. Despite different starting points, it is catalysing opportunities and genuine support that matters to heighten social equality, improve lives, and increase welfare for society at large.

That is why we are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to contribute and lead their own change regardless of differences both in Denmark and internationally. We generate tangible improvement by establishing partnerships and a relentless pursuit of fact-based methods to document results. The result is positive changes that empower people, change lives and turn dreams into reality. 

We have a social responsibility.


Worldwide, almost 60m children are out of primary school, and 262m children are out of secondary.


Depression is ranked third in the global burden of diseases and is projected to rank first in 2030.


Globally, 22% of all young people aged 15-24 are neither in employment, education or training.

Founded by the Lind Family.

Founded by entrepreneur Henrik Lind and his family, Lind Foundation is committed to delivering actual social change by empowering people to drive their own change. Henrik has gone from facing social challenges to building multiple strong companies and we leverage that experience in our work.

“We must rethink how we catalyse social change by empowering people and combining philanthropy with a business mindset.”

 Henrik Lind, Founder, Lind Foundation

The virtues that drive us.

Inspire by results.

We strive to create tangible change that moves people forward. That is why we are driven and guided by creating results — and why we make sure to share our learnings transparently. We are philanthropists, but we are also here to make a difference for people and society.

Change for good.

We are persistent in driving and measuring change – because we know that good intentions are not enough to create results. That is why we support projects with lasting potential — anchored around a philanthropic aim combined with a long-term, data-driven investor mindset. 

Act to enrich.

We show courage and take action to enrich everyone around us. No matter whether it is about re-thinking a challenge or proving entirely new ways for our society, we are not afraid to take the first step, take the lead, or proactively set goals and demands that drive results.

Empower to succeed.

All changes start within ourselves. It is important to know your strengths, but it is even better to know where to improve – and how you can grow your peers. Our success is when people, partnerships, and projects become successful in reaching their goals.

10 years of empowering social change.

Lind Foundation is borne from more than 10 years of social efforts at Lind Invest, the single-family office of Henrik Lind and long-term investor associated with Lind Foundation. While our donations and ability to provide financial support emerge from this investment company, we are now independently working to ensure a positive and measurable impact.