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Do you want to know more about our approach, projects, and partnerships? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

However, please note that we are not a foundation driven by applications. We screen enquires on an ongoing basis, but most of our time is spent on proactively searching for alliances and partnerships which are meaningful for us to engage in long term. By creating alliances and partnerships, we believe that we can create systemic and lasting changes that move people forward.

Focus area (Select the primary focus area your project supports)

We support:

  • Employment projects that boost readiness for the job market and self-employment and connect long-term unemployed employees with employers.
  • Projects that motivate education and ensure enrolment.
  • Projects that improve people’s mental health.
  • Housing projects for the homeless (in Denmark) that improve people’s living conditions and increase social mobility.
  • Projects that empower people to self-lead and develop life skills that ensure sustainable livelihoods.

We don’t support:

  • Events, conferences, and exhibitions.
  • Individual artists, athletes, sports clubs, science, and research projects.
  • Travel and study sojourns.
  • Independent construction activities (maintenance, renovation, or new construction).
  • Theatrical performances, concerts, art exhibitions, films, book publications, and music recordings.

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Jens Bruun


Jens is leading the team, being overall responsible for the execution of strategy and the day-to-day operations as well as development of both the foundation and our people.

Rikke Toudahl
Programme Manager


Rikke is responsible for management of international partnerships including dialogue with and effect measurement of existing partnership and screening of new partnerships. Rikke is also the brand strategist managing our social media and website.

Nicoline Højlund
Strategy & Project Assistant


Nicoline is our strategic student ninja, assisting our CEO on miscellaneous tasks with focus on strategy development and execution.

Louise Østergaard
Programme Manager


Louise oversees our national partnerships, managing dialogue, measuring impact, and identifying new collaboration opportunities. Her expertise lies in developing, implementing, and evaluating social interventions.

Hjalte Paaske
Project Manager


Hjalte is working with our national partnerships, including dialogue and effect measurement, and screening of new partnerships with both social organisations, municipalities, and public sector entities in Denmark.

Tobias Fuglsang
Data Analyst


Tobias is our upcoming expert on SROI measurement and analysis, always curious and with a relentless pursuit of facts. Tobias is currently OOO traveling. 

Laust Lyhne
Data Analyst


Laust is our expert on SROI measurement and analysis, and lead on developing SROI reports for our partnerships.

Board of Directors.

Henrik Lind

Henrik is the founder and CEO of Lind Invest – which founded Lind Foundation. He is experienced in leadership, culture, business development, finance, and risk management and has held several board positions contributing with a long-term investor mindset and experience from having started several different companies.

Steffen Rasmussen
Board member

Steffen possesses key skills within social entrepreneurship having founded and led NGOs like Fundamentet and the Centre For Social Rethinking. Steffen has furthermore lived voluntarily as a homeless and is driven by a strong urge to drive down social injustice and contributes with deep knowledge of operating social start-ups, organisations, and projects.

Carsten Jorgensen
Board member

Carsten is a professional board member and acts as a trusted advisor to high-net-worth individuals. He is experienced in leadership, asset management, and international investments across all asset classes. Thus, Carsten contributes with a strong investor mindset, international networks, and experience in strategic decision-making.

Michael Svarer
Board member

Michael is a professor of economics at Aarhus University focusing on research on the labour market and social policies and is a former Board Chair of the Danish Economic Council. He is and has been a member of numerous expert groups and commissions for the Danish government and holds several other board positions.

Kathrine Geisler Madsen
Board member

Kathrine possesses key skills within strategy and programme management via her work at Lauritzen Fonden. Kathrine contributes with experience within projects and partnerships in the social area, communications, programme development, evaluation and partnerships with municipalities and holds other relevant Board positions.


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Image: Henrik Lind, Credits Thomas Priskorn.

Press releases.

Press release (in Danish): “Ny fond vil gentænke sociale indsatser med data og effektmåling”.


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10 years of empowering social change.

Lind Foundation is borne from more than 10 years of social efforts at Lind Invest, the single-family office of Henrik Lind and long-term investor associated with Lind Foundation. While our donations and ability to provide financial support emerge from this investment company, we are now independently working to ensure a positive and measurable impact.