ReDI School.



New partnership with ReDI School Aarhus will help women with refugee and migrant backgrounds into employment.


ReDI School is a non-profit tech school for women with migrant and refugee backgrounds, offering a free programme, including IT and tech courses on several levels. ReDI School fosters digital empowerment by supporting women in getting access to digital skills and work for more diversity and inclusion in the Danish labor market.

The ReDI network is present in Germany, Ethiopia, Sweden, and Denmark, and has connected more than 6500 students to companies across the globe. In Denmark, ReDI School works to empower a more equitable Danish workforce by teaching and upskilling women with in-demand digital skills.

ReDI School offers courses to two different target groups: 1) Digital beginners and 2) Tech students. The first programme is for women with limited knowledge of the digital world and the second programme is for women who have higher levels of digital skills, but may find it difficult to find a job within the IT sector.

Too many refugees and immigrants are outside the labor market, not least women. It is a major challenge for the women and their families – as well as an economic obstacle for society. Furthermore, there is a widespread shortage of labor, not least IT specialists. These are the societal challenges ReDI School helps diminish, while supporting the women’s accelerated integration into the Danish labor market and society.

ReDI School has a holistic and systemic solution to societal challenges, empowering the women through digital education, combined with a social and professional network and additional offerings such as coaching, company visits, and childcare. ReDI School works closely with companies and organisations looking to hire IT talents, to address the shortage of skilled workers and the gender gap in the IT sector in Denmark.

Lind Foundation will help ReDI School scale their programme in Aarhus and expand their capacity further. A partnership period of 3 years provides ReDI School with the possibility to prove their long-term impact in Aarhus.

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  • Donation: DKK 2.25 million
  • Commitment period: 3 years
  • Reach: 160-240 women
  • Focus area: Employment and education
  • Supported since: 2023