We are social change makers.

Lind Foundation is a nonprofit comitted to delivering real social and societal change with meaningful and measureable results. Driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, we prove new ways forward and increase social return on investment with the goal of empowering people and partners to make change happen.

We support.


We motivate the importance of education and ensure enrolment in education to develop essential skills and knowledge that will last for a lifetime.


We wish to boost readiness for the job market, self-emplyment and help link long-term unemployed employees and employers.

Mental health.

We support projects that improve peoples’s mental well-being and wuality of life, giving everyone the opportunity to contribute and lead their own change regardless of difference.


We help establish a liable and supportive network and access to affordable housing to improve people’s living conditions and reduce social inequality.

Sustainable livelihoods.

We provide access to slef-help groups, empower people to self-lead and develop life-skilss that are both economically and socially sustainable.

Fundamentet x Lind Foundation.

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Everyone has a potential.

Everyone has a potential and everyone has dreams. It’s however not everyone who are fortunate or advantaged enough to realise them straight away. For more than 10 years, our team members have worked to create a society with higher social equality through donations, research and partnerships.

Meaningful and measurable.

We believe in converting social impact into monetary value using the SROI method, because it creates stronger and longer lasting social improvements. At Lind Foundation we are fuelled by compassion and enthusiasm a, but always guided by data and insights.

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Average SROI score:


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Contact Lind Foundation.

We partner with a wide range of organisations, public institutions, and social entrepreneurs to realise human potential through donations and change programmes. Our dedicated team sources eligible projects but is always open to learning more about yours. Reach out for more information or consult our approach and selection criteria.