One Acre Fund.



New partnership will help farm families in Malawi grow their way out of hunger.


Lind Foundation and One Acre Fund enters a new collaboration, which will support One Acre Fund’s work in the Mulanje district in Malawi, making it possible to mobilise and train ~40,000 farm families.

Most of the world’s extreme poor are African farmers. More than 50 million families in Sub-Saharan Africa earn a living from small farms, which produce 80 percent of the continent’s food. But harvests still lag far behind the rest of the world.

One Acre Fund is a non-profit social enterprise that has designed holistic ‘market bundle’ of demand-driven products and services, that includes training in the latest agricultural practices (advise on planting, crop health, soil health, composting, storage etc.), high-quality inputs on delivery, microfinance, and post-harvest support, helping the lowest-income farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa overcome barriers to productive, profitable livelihoods.

One Acre Fund serves more than 3 million farmers across 9 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. For these families, improved agriculture represents a structural solution out of poverty. Established as a full program in Malawi in 2016, One Acre Fund reached ~90,000 smallholder families in 2022 — where more than 55% are women.

Malawi represents one of One Acre Fund’s highest-need markets, where 69% of the population lives below the ‘extreme poor’ poverty line. Its agricultural sector was hit particularly hard by external challenges, including the pandemic and its accompanying supply chain disruptions, as well as challenged weather conditions and high inflation.

One Acre Fund’s model offers farm families with the means to break out of these cycles and advance by connecting farmers with the tools and training they need to improve yields. One Acre Fund enables farmers to meet the urgent challenge of eradicating hunger; with years of surpluses, new income can be invested towards their futures, including in their children’s education and in new income generating ventures. Greater productivity of the smallholder profession is thus the foundation on which rural families in Malawi can build more prosperous lives.

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  • Donation: DKK 4.2 millions
  • Commitment period: 4 years
  • Reach: 40,000 farmers in Mulanje, Malawi
  • Focus area: Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Supported since: 2022