Hand in Hand.



Extension of partnership with Hand in Hand in Kenya to uplift individuals and communities in Eldoret, Kenya.


Lind Foundation and Hand in Hand have extended the existing partnership with a new project in the Eldoret area in the Western part of Kenya. The partnership and donation from Lind Foundation support Hand in Hand’s work in the Eldoret area, leveraging the setup and branch established as part of the first project in our partnership.

Lind Foundation donates SEK 15m to the project and we are looking forward to following and measuring the financial and social changes over a four-year period for the members of the project. In the project, 3,600 farmers — mainly women and young people will be enrolled in Hand in Hand’s programme in addition to 660 existing members, who have shown good progress and therefore become part of an accelerator programme — with focus on enhancing and scaling their enterprises even further. We believe that the programme will create significant improvements in the living conditions for the participants and their families as well as the local community.

Hand in Hand is an international network of non-governmental organisations initiated in Tamil Nadu, India. The network is fighting poverty through entrepreneurship training and job creation in Asia, Afghanistan, Southern and Eastern Africa, including Kenya. The Hand in Hand network aims to effectively combat poverty in the countries where they operate by empowering particularly women and youth through entrepreneurship. By providing tools, knowledge and networks needed, they can start or improve their own sustainable enterprises and generate their own incomes. Furthermore, the Community Upliftment Programme addresses additional poverty-related needs identified by the communities themselves such as lack of infrastructure, water scarcity, climate resilience and environmental degradation.

To date, Hand in Hand has trained more than 3 million people, who together have started or strengthened more than 3 million small enterprises generating around 5 million jobs. Hand in Hand’s long-term goal is to help create 10 million jobs and thus contribute to improving the living conditions of 50 million people.

Read more about Hand in Hand here: https://www.handinhandsweden.se/om-oss/



  • Donation: SEK 15 millions (DKK ~10 milllions)
  • Commitment period: 4 years
  • Reach: +10,000 people in Eldoret, Kenya
  • Focus area: Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Supported since: 2021